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All services at Life Line are free of charge. 

Pregnancy Testing

Think you’re pregnant? A pregnancy test is one of the many services we offer. It detects the hCG hormone, which is found in the urine of women who are pregnant. Maybe you’ve already taken multiple over-the-counter home pregnancy tests. Though home pregnancy tests are quite accurate, there is still a small chance it could be false depending on how you use them. Many women take their pregnancy test too soon or do not follow the directions. In this case, there is a chance for negative results.

If you are pregnant and you’re not sure what to do or where to go next, we can help. To be sure about your pregnancy, call or text Life Line for a free pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. We are here to help and talk about all your options. 

Along with free pregnancy testing, we offer proof-of-pregnancy paperwork that allows you to apply for pregnancy Medicaid, apply for WIC, and be seen by a prenatal doctor. We also offer a list of doctors in your area according to your coverage.


After you receive a positive pregnancy test, there is so much more to know about your pregnancy. Ultrasounds are services that we offer and is your next best step, as it confirms three important details about your pregnancy:

  1. Determines if you have a viable pregnancy (with a heartbeat)
  2. The location of your pregnancy
  3. Reveals how far along you are

An ultrasound can identify any risks you may have like an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. These factors may disqualify you from certain pregnancy options and are vital to know before moving forward with your decision. Our medical team can help answer any questions you may have and offer guidance in what to do next. We offer free and confidential ultrasounds.

Learn About Your Options

Knowing all your options is important. Once you’ve determined you have a positive and healthy pregnancy, it’s time to look over your pregnancy options. Learn more about abortion, adoption and parenting. Talk with one of our options counselors to get educated and informed about each option so you can move forward with clarity.

Our nurse can sit down with you and go over all your questions to help you determine your plans for the pregnancy.  By taking one step at a time, we can help you answer some important questions before you decide. We know how difficult this decision can be and we are here to help in any way we can. You are not alone!

Call us today at (910) 392-0001 to learn more.